About Us


Ranara Nails opened its Studio

In Vogue Nails in 2013 after being in the marketing/distribution of Ranara products and training programs for Nail Studios/Salons in Nail Extension & Nail Art for 9 years. Our Educator and Director, Ms. Natalia Raina, who has been providing education for last 15 years in Russia, Germany and India, decided to open up her signature Nail Studio where all services related to Nails are provided with latest technology and by highly professional technicians taking utmost care about, sanitation & hygiene.

The goal was to open a studio with an environmentally healthy atmosphere utilizing the latest knowledge & trends in international Nail Services. Having her own studio enabled Natalia to provide her technical knowledge & skills which she learned from her experiences in Germany, Russia & India and provide best Nail Services to the clients. The excellent services at reasonable price was in itself a word of mouth that spread quickly.

You, can visit us and see Natalia sharing her experience and providing, Nail Services to the clients.

Clients became instantly familiar & a part of the studio, which is now a fixture in the market, recently being one of the best Nail Studio for Nail Extension, Art, Manicure & Pedicures.